DBSS - Dutch Benelux Simulation Society

The Dutch Benelux Simulation Society (DBSS) was founded in July 1986 in order to create an organi-sation of simulation professionals within the Dutch language area. DBSS has actively promoted creation of similar organisations in other language areas. DBSS is a member of EUROSIM and works in close cooperation with its members and is further affiliated with SCS International, IMACS, and the Chinese As-sociation for System Simulation and the Japanese Society for Simulation Technology.


New Board Members of Dutch Benelux Simulation Society and WEB

The DBSS has new board members:

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We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the DBSS!. 


We are also inviting you to contribute to the Book




“Applied Simulation and Optimization vol2:

In Logistics, Industrial, and Aeronautical Practice”

The book will present techniques, case studies, and methodologies that combine the use of simulation approaches with optimization techniques for facing problems in manufacturing, logistics, or aeronautical problems, which aim at overcoming the shortcomings of both approaches through the combination of them. The book will present detailed techniques and research studies that cope with common industrial problems in several fields, which range from manufacturing to aviation problems, where the common denominator is the combination of simulation’s flexibility with optimization techniques’ robustness.


The benefit to the reader will be a comprehensive guide to tackle similar problems in industrial environments. The problems presented will serve only as an example, but methodologies used by the scientific community will be of high value in order to cope with complex problems.

Topics of Interest

·         Supply Chain

·         Manufacturing

·         Transportation

·         Aeronautical Operations (Terminal, Side, Services)

·         Facility Location

·         Routing Problems

·         Simulation-Optimization Methodologies

·         Urban logistics

·         Ports and Sea Transport

·         Use of Big Data with SIM-OPT



We strongly welcome other topic suggestions dealing with convergence of the two approaches into an integrated methodology beyond the topics suggested above.

Schedule & Deadlines




Dr. Miguel Mújica Mota, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. m.mujica.mota@hva.nl

Dr. Idalia Flores de la Mota, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico. idalia@unam.mx



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