FRANCOSIM - Société Francophone de Simulation

FRANCOSIM was founded in 1991 and aims to the promotion of simulation and research, in industry and academic fields.

Francosim operates two poles:

  • Pole “Modelling & simulation of discrete events systems”
    To improve the necessary synergy between industry and academia workers in the area of system mod-elling, the pole “Modelling & simulation of discrete events systems” co-organises the series of conferences "MOSIM" (Modelling and Simulation).

    Pole contact: Professor Henri Pierreval, IFMA, Campus des Cezeaux, BP 265, F 63175 Aubiere, Cedex, France; Tel +33 (0)4 73 28 - 81 06, Fax - 81 00, Email:

  • Pole “Modelling & simulation of continuous systems”
    The pole “Modelling & simulation of continuous systems” has launched in 1999 a series of conferences on modelling and simulation in medicine and biology (BioMedSim).

    Pole contact: Yskandar Hamam, président FRANCOSIM, Groupe ESIEE, Cité Descartes, BP 99, 2 Bd. Blaise Pascal, F - 93162 Noisy le Grand CEDE, France; Fax +33-1-45 92 - 66 99, Tel - 66 11; Email:, Web:


PresidentKarim Djouani,
TreasurerFrançois Rocaries,
Representative EUROSIMKarim Djouani,
Editorial Board SNEKarim Djouani,