CEA SMSG - Spanish Modelling and Simulation Group

IFAC is the International Federation of Automatic Control, a multinational federation of organizations representing the engineering and scientific societies concerned with automatic control.

CEA is the Spanish Society on Automation and Control and it is the national member of IFAC in Spain. Since 1968 CEA-IFAC looks after the development of the Automation in Spain, in its different issues: automatic control, robotics, SIMULATION, etc. In order to improve the efficiency and to deep into the different fields of Automation, the association is divided into thematic groups, concretely eight groups at present.

One of them is named “Modelling and Simulation”, constituting then the CEA-SMSG (CEA-IFAC Spanish Modelling and Simulation Group), which looks after the development of the “Modelling and Simulation” in Spain. This group works basically about all the issues concerning the use of Modelling and Simulation techniques as essential engineering tools for decision-making.

The coordinator of the Group is Prof. Emilio Jiménez, from the University of La Rioja (Spain).

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CEA SMSG Officers

PresidentEmilio Jiménez, emilio.jimenez@unirioja.es
Vice PresidentJuan Ignacio Latorre, juanignacio.latorre@unavarra.es
Representative EUROSIMEmilio Jiménez, emilio.jimenez@unirioja.es
Editorial Board SNEEmilio Jiménez, emilio.jimenez@unirioja.es
Web EUROSIMMercedes Perez, mercedes.perez@unirioja.es