CROSSIM - Croatian Society for Simulation Modelling

CROSSIM - CROatian Society for SIMulation Modelling was founded on 28 March 1992 as a non-profit society with the goal to promote knowledge and use of simulation methods and techniques, dissemination of information and development of education and training in simulation, particularly through organization of meetings, courses and workshops.

The Society is an affiliate of SCS since 1994 and a full member of EUROSIM since 1997.

CROSSIM / Vesna Dušak
Faculty of Organization and Informatics Varaždin, University of Zagreb
Pavlinska 2, HR-42000 Varaždin, Croatia

President and Past Presidents

Professor Vlatko Čerić is the founding president of CROSSIM, and his successors, as elected presidents, were Mladen Mauher, Tarzan Legović, Vesna Bosilj-Vukšić, Jadranka Božikov and Vesna Dušak who is actual president.


CROSSIM has only individual members and membership is open to all persons who have demonstrated competence in the field of computer simulation. Three categories of membership are recognized according to the statute: regular, honorary and student members. Currently, CROSSIM has 70 regular members who are coming mainly from the academic community. The majority of members belong to the University of Zagreb and other three Croatian universities (Split, Rijeka and Osijek), and branch schools in Varaždin. There are also members from institutes, governmental institutions, industry, private enterprises, and a few international members as well. Annual membership is 60 Croatian kunas (equivalent to 8 Euro) for those receiving Simulation News Europe, and 20 kunas for others.

CROSSIM Officers

PresidentVesna Dušak,
Vice PresidentJadranka Božikov,
SecretaryVesna Bosilj-Vukšić,
Executive Board MembersVlatko Čerić,
Tarzan Legović,
Representative EUROSIMJadranka Božikov,
Editorial Board SNEVesna Dušak,
Web EUROSIMJadranka Božikov,