HSS - Hungarian Simulation Society

The Hungarian Member Society of EUROSIM was established in 1981 as an association promoting the exchange of information within research, development, application and education of simulation in Hungary and also contributing to the exchange of information between the Hungarian simulation community and the simulation communities abroad. HSS deals with the organization of lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations, and conferences.

HSS Officers

PresidentAndrás Jávor, javor@eik.bme.hu
Vice PresidentGábor Szűcs, szucs@itm.bme.hu
SecretaryÁgnes Vigh, vigh@itm.bme.hu
DeputyGábor Szűcs, szucs@itm.bme.hu
Representative EUROSIMAndrás Jávor, javor@eik.bme.hu
Editorial Board SNEAndrás Jávor, javor@eik.bme.hu
Web EUROSIMGábor Szűcs, szucs@itm.bme.hu