ISCS - Italian Society for Computer Simulation

The Italian Society for Computer Simulation (ISCS) is a scientific non-profit association of members from industry, university, education and several public and research institutions with common interests in all fields of computer simulation. Its primary purpose is to facilitate communication among those engaged in all aspects of simulation for scientific, technical or educational purposes. ISCS, established in 1984, is a member of EUROSIM Federation and through the years organized a number of scientific events, including the EUROSIM Congress in 1992.

In recent years, due to changes in membership and scientific interests of new members, the formal activity was reduced. Nowadays, the major interest of membership is for modelling in new developing engineering areas coupled with simulations for practical purposes. Within this framework, the board of the association decided, at the end of 2011, to choose a new name, more adapted to the scientific interests and activities of the association individual members.

ISCS Officers

PresidentM. Savastano,
Vice PresidentF. Maceri,
SecretaryPaola Provenzano,
Representative EUROSIMF. Maceri,
Editorial Board SNEM. Savastano,