MIMOS - Italian Modelling and Simulation Association

MIMOS (Movimento Italiano Modellazione e Simulazione – Italian Modelling and Simulation Association) is the Italian association grouping companies, professionals, universities, and research institutions working in the field of modelling, simulation, virtual reality and 3D, with the aim of enhancing the culture of ‘virtuality’ in Italy, in every application area.

MIMOS became Observer Member of EUROSIM in 2016 and is preparing application for full membership.

MIMOS Officers

PresidentPaolo Proietti, roma@mimos.it
SecretaryDavide Borra, segreteria@mimos.it
TreasurerDavide Borra, segreteria@mimos.it
Representative EUROSIMPaolo Proietti, roma@mimos.it
DeputyAgostino Bruzzone, agostino@itim.unige.it
Editorial Board SNEPaolo Proietti, roma@mimos.it

Website: www.mimos.it

roma@mimos.it  – info@mimos.it
MIMOS – Movimento Italiano Modellazione e Simulazione;
via Ugo Foscolo 4,
10126 Torino

via Laurentina 760,
00143 Roma