SIMS - Scandinavian Simulation Society

SIMS is the Scandinavian Simulation Society with members from the five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The SIMS history goes back to 1959.

SIMS is organised as federation of regional societies. There are FinSim (Finnish Simulation Forum), MoSis (Society for Modelling and Simulation in Sweden), DKSIM (Dansk Simuleringsforening) and NFA (Norsk Forening for Automatisering).

SIMS provides also information via the SIMS web server

SIMS Officers

PresidentBernt Lie, 
Vice PresidentErik Dahlquist,
TreasurerVadim Engelson,
Representative EUROSIMEsko Juuso,
Editorial Board SNEEsko Juuso,
Web EurosimVadim Engelson,