TC BMS 'Benchmarks for Modelling and Simulation'

SNE - Simulation Note Europe, the scientific membership Journal of EUROSIM,  documents since 1990 the the ARGESIM Benchmarks on Modelling Approaches and Simulation Implementations by publication of definitions, solutions and discussions (Benchmark Notes). These almost classical benchmarks - mainly of educational type - are one subject of the EUROSIM TC BMS 'Benchmarks for Modelling and Simulation'. The other main subject is to provide a forum for discussion of existing benchmarks of application type, and for supporting the development of new benchmarks related with new areas like complex systems, websimulation, etc.

The TC BMS is organising special sessions and workshops at EUROSIM events and is preparing / stimulating publications in this area, especially the publication of ARGESIM Benchmarks in SNE. 

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