DBSS - Dutch Benelux Simulation Society

The Dutch Benelux Simulation Society (DBSS) was founded in July 1986 in order to create an organisation of simulation professionals within the Dutch language area. DBSS has actively promoted creation of similar organisations in other language areas. DBSS is a member of EUROSIM and works in close cooperation with its members and is further affiliated with SCS International, IMACS, and the Chinese As-sociation for System Simulation and the Japanese Society for Simulation Technology.

Official web page: www.DutchBSS.org

General Activities. DBSS promotes the following activities related with simulation and/or modelling:

  • Organization of the yearly DBSS Symposium
  • Organization of courses and workshops
  • Student exchanges via partner societies in Europe and the rest of the world
  • Academic exchanges between participating universities
  • Building bridges between industry and experts
  • Publication of reports
  • Development and distribution of material for education

DBSS will organize the EUROSIM Congress 2023 in Amsterdam in July 2023.

DBSS Officers

President M. Mujica Mota, m.mujica.mota@hva.nl
Vice President A. Heemink, a.w.heemink@its.tudelft.nl
Treasurer A. Heemink, a.w.heemink@its.tudelft.nl
Secretary P. M. Scala, paolo.scala@fedex.com
Representative EUROSIM M. Mujica Mota, m.mujica.mota@hva.nl
Editorial Board SNE, Web M. Mujica Mota, m.mujica.mota@hva.nl