LSS - Latvian Simulation Society

The Latvian Simulation Society ( has been founded in 1990 as the first professional simulation organization in the field of modeling and simulation in the post-Soviet area. Its members represent the main simulation centres in Latvia, including both academic and industrial sectors, in particular, operating at Riga Technical University, Latvian University, the Latvian University of Agriculture, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, as well as at industrial companies DATI Exigen Group and Solvers, Ltd.

Affiliation: The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)


LSS Officers

President Yuri Merkuryev,
Vice President Egils Ginters,
Secretary Artis Teilans,
Deputy Artis Teilans,
Representative EUROSIM Egils Ginters,
Editorial Board SNE Juri Tolujew,
Web EUROSIM Vitaly Bolshakov,