ALBSIM - Albanian Simulation Society

At the Department of Statistics and Applied Informatics, Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Kozeta Sevrani at present is setting up an Albanian Simulation Society. Kozeta Sevrani, professor of Computer Sci-ence and Management Information Systems, and head of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Informatic, has attended the a EUROSIM board meeting in Vienna Feb. 2016.  

There she has presented simulation activities in Albania and the new simulation society. 

The society – constitution and bylaws are being worked out – will be involved in different international and local simulation projects, and will be engaged in the organisation of the conference series ISTI – Information Systems and Technology. The society is EUROSIM Observer Member. 


  Albanian Simulation Goup, attn. Kozeta Sevrani 

Albanian Simulation Society- Officers (Planned)

President Kozeta Sevrani,

Repr. EUROSIM Kozeta Sevrani,

Edit. Board SNE Majlinda Godolja,

Albana Gorishti,

ALBSIM Officers

Chair Kozeta Sevrani,
Representative EUROSIM Kozeta Sevrani,

Editorial Board SNE, Web

Majlinda Godolja,
Albana Gorishti,