NSSM - National Society for Simulation Modelling (Russia)

NSSM is the National Society for Simulation Modelling in Russia.

NSSM was officially registered in the Russian Federation on February 11, 2011. In February 2012 NSSM has been accepted as an observer member and in February 2015 as a full member of EUROSIM.

The main objectives of the society are:

  • development of ideas, methods, instrumental and software means of simulation and their application in Russia;
  • extension of application areas and promotion of simulation in science, industry, on transport, in communication, defense, in social and other areas;
  • formation and carrying out of the coordinated scientific and technical policy in the field of simulation in Russia;
  • coordination of activities of society members in the field of development of simulation methods as well as instrumental and software means when carrying out large state projects in the field of modeling;
  • assistance to training in the simulation area, to improvement of professional skills of experts and an exchange of experience between the society members;
  • assistance in mobilization of financial and other resources for obtaining and execution of projects in the simulation field;
  • development of the international cooperation in the simulation field, including involvement in international symposiums, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

NSSM Officers

PresidentYusupov Raphael Midhatovich, yusupov@iias.spb.su
Chairman of Management BoardPlotnikov Alexander Mikhailovich, plotnikov@sstc.spb.ru
SecretaryDolmatov Mikhail Anatolievich, dolmatov@simulation.su
Representative in EUROSIM BoardYusupov Raphael Midhatovich, yusupov@iias.spb.su
Deputy of representative in EUROSIMSokolov Boris Vladimirovich, sokol@iias.spb.su
Editoral Board SNE and EUROSIM WebSenichenkov Yuri Borisovich, senyb@dcn.icc.spbstu.ru, senyb@mail.ru

For more information about NSSM please visit simulation.su