Report from the 32nd Board Meeting

The 32nd EUROSIM Board Meeting took place in Prague, September 8, 2010.

In attendance: Mikulas Alexik,  Borut Zupancic, Felix Breitenecker, Esko Juuso, Miroslav Snorek, Khalid al-Begain, Richard Karba, Richard Zobel, Emilio Jimenez, Galina Merkuryeva, Karim Djouani, , Alessandra Orsoni, Helen Karatza, David Clark,Nicolas Popper, Kaj Juslin, Boris Sokolov

Report of the President. Activities 2007-20

  • arrangement of internal rules for EUROSIM Cogresses   
  • Promotion and cooperation: visits -UKSim 2008 in Cambridge, MATHMOD 2009 in Vienna, CSSim 2009 in Brno, UKSim 2010 in Cambridge
  • Motivation for membership: SRBISIM (Serbia), Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria
  • Working on EUROSIM website: preparation materials, reports and minutes around Board meetings, stimulation of EUROSIM member societies
  • EUROSIM 2010 Congress  

Reports David Clark (Elsevier) and Helen Karatza (Editor-in Chiefs of SIMPRA)

  • Throughout the last years the development of SIMPRA was positive. The 2007 ISI Impact Factor has increased from 0474 to 0947.
  • Prof. Helen Karatza is Editor in Chief from end of 2007, Dr. Jurgen Halin is the past Editor in Chief. In the last yeaes several members of the editorial Board got by new reviewers and area editors.
  • A growing number of papers originate from countries in the Middle East, India and China.The ongoing process was reflected by an increasing number of reviewers and area editors from other parts of the world.
  • The handling time of articles was reduced.
  • It is intended to approach the member societies of EUROSIM for getting their support im finding qualified reviewers.

EUROSIM observer membership of SERBIA.

  • SRBISIM fulfilled practically all EUROSIM rules for observer membership, but more Board members expecting explanation from prof. J Savkovic-Stefanovic during Board meeting about SRBISIM activities and co-operations with other simulation groups in Serbia. The decision about SRBISIM observer membership was postponed (see decision in  the Minutes).

Election of new Executive board member (SIMPRA).

  • Under the EUROSIM rules, SIMPRA Editor-in-Chief is also EUROSIM Executive Board member.  Based on communication with Elsevier Publisher Manager Mrs. Elena Griniari and with recommendation of Helen Karatza, prof.Henri Pierreval was elected as EUROSIM Executive Board member.

Election of EUROSIM officers for 2010-2013 period - instalation of the new president, election ot the secretary, treasurer.

As the next EUROSIM congress will be organised by UKSim, the president for 2010- 2013 is also from UKSim. UKSim proposed Khalid Al-Begain.

New officiers:                                                           

  • President: Khalid Al Begain from UKSim
  • Treasurer: Felix Breitenecker from ASIM
  • Secretary: Borut Zupancic from SloSim

New board member:  Karim Djouani, FRANCOSIM (exchange for Francoa Rocarie)

Conferences betweenn the EUROSIM Congresses in the period 2010-2013

  • MATHMOD 2012 confereence in Vienna. UKSim 2011 in Cambridge and CSSim conference in Brno were proposed in discussions.

EUROSIM Congress 2010 in Prague

  • Congress General Chair, M. Snorek presented summary information about the Congress, which was successfull event. 220 contributions, 5 plenary lecture, 20 sessions and poster session.

EUROSIM Congress 2013 in Cardiff

  • Congress General Chair, Alessandra Orsoni presented summary information about planned Congress 2013 in Cardiff.

Any other business

  • Prof. Boris Sokolov, who participated at the meeting as a guest, presented us information about the Russian Simulation Society. The society has already more than 200 members.

The board discussed about a new society which has started in Bulgaria has provided information to the Board.

Mikulas Alexik