Report from the 37th Board Meeting

The 37th EUROSIM Board Meeting took place in Cardiff, September 11, 2013.


  • Approval of the minutes of  EUROSIM 36th Board Meeting, Vienna, 6th May 2013
  • Report of the President
  • Report on EUROSIM2013
  • Reports of the Secretary and the Treasurer
  • Reports
  • Opening, approval of the agenda of the Editor-in-Chiefs SIMPRA, SNE
  • Reports/remarks/suggestions of EUROSIM member societies and EUROSIM observer member societies
  • New Membership Applications
  • EUROSIM membership potentials
  • Liophant  Greece Conference
  • EUROSIM Congress 2016 – New Presidency
  • Any other business

Main points

Report from the 8th EUROSIM congress in Cardiff

    Total submitted: 158
    Accepted: 137
    Published: 109
    Number of Keynote presentations: 5
    Number of exhibitions: 3

New EUROSIM officers elected:

President: Esko Juuso, SIMS

Secretary: Borut Zupančič, SLOSIM

Treasurer: Felix Breitenecker, ASIM

Next EUROSIM congress:
Next, the 9th EUROSIM congress will be organised by SIMS in sept. 2016 in Oulu, Finland