Report from the 39th Board Meeting

The 39th EUROSIM Board Meeting took place in Bergeggi, Italy, September 23, 2015.

Main points

New membership potentials

Paolo Proietti, one of the founders of MIMOS and currently the  Vice President  briefly presented activities. MIMOS has been created from an initiative of a group of Italian operators in the simulation field; they agreed on the opportunity to increase the knowledge on Modelling and Simulation in Italy by exchanging reciprocal experiences. The idea was to proceed with the creation of a National Association on Modelling and Simulation acting as a reference point for all Companies, Organisations and Users involved, in any way and form, in such a field.

MIMOS will apply for observer membership.

Miguel Mujica Mota from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will try to revive DBSS activities or establish a new society in that region.

Next EUROSIM presidency and congress

For the next presidency (2016-2019) and the 10th EUROSIM congress in 2019, two candidates PCSC (Poland) and CEA-SMSG (Spain) have applied. Both candidates presented some details. PCSC would organise the event in Krakow, CEA-SMSG in the province La Rioja, Logroño.

By voting board members chose the candidate from Spain. So the candidate for the next EUROSIM president is Emilio Jimenez Macías.

Changes in Internal rules

Decisions may be taken by acceptance or rejection via email.

Quorum relative to 'active societies' for particular board meetings or decisions via email.