Report from the 40th Board Meeting

The 40th EUROSIM Board Meeting took place in Oulu, Finland, September 14, 2016.

Main points

  • Report of the president about the 9th EUROSIM congress in OULU, Sept. 12-16, 2016: 182 papers, 6 plenary lectures, posters, 3 panel discussions, 3 technical tours. Papers will be published in IEEE proceedings.
  • Simulation Notes Europe SNE:
    Vol. 26 no.2 from June 2016 is the SNE EUROSIM Congress Issue. The papers were contributed by members of EUROSIM societies.
  • New Membership Applications:
    • The president of MIMOS (Movimento Italiano modellazione e simulazione, Italian group) Paolo Proietti sent the application for the observer membership. MIMOS was accepted as a new observer member of the EUROSIM federation as all conditions were fulfilled.
    • The president of KA-SIM (Kosova group) Edmond Hajrizi sent the application for the full membership.  KA-SIM was accepted as a new member of the EUROSIM federation as all conditions were fulfilled.
  • EUROSIM membership potentials:
    Miguel Mujica Mota from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences succeeded to revive DBSS activities through contacts with Arnold Heemink,  DBSS president.
  • Candidates for future EUROSIM conferences:
    PSCS will organize an international conference with Nato in May, 2018.
    In February 2018 will be the Mathmod conference.
    SIMS conference in 2017. 
    NSSM also organises two conferences: Modelling and Simulation of Cont. Dynamical Systems (each July in St. Petersburg) and Agent Based Modelling.
  • Next presidency:
    For the next presidency (2016-2019) and the 10th EUROSIM congress in 2019 CEA-SMSG was chosen during the Bergeggi meeting. The congress will be organised in the province La Rioja, Logroño. The new officers were elected.
    Emilio Jimenez Macías (CEA-SMSG)    - President
    Miguel Mujica Mota (DBSS)                 - Secretary
    Felix Breitenecker (ASIM)                   - Treasurer
    In order to improve the efficiency of the work, the Board also nominated a Secretary to the board Andreas Koerner (ASIM) without voting right.
  • Changes in Internal rules:
    During the last meeting in Bergeggi the board accepted changes with regard to decisions via e-mail and the quorum definition which takes into account only ‘active’ societies.The changes of Internal rules with regard to e-mail decisions and Quorum definition were accepted.
  • Technical committees:
    Felix Breitenecker proposed the activities with Technical committees in the future. Niki Popper from ASIM presented a basic concept of the Technical committee entitled "Data Driven System Simulation" and as a first step the plan of developing a type of EUROSIM handbook for data driven system simulation, which could serve as a basic guideline for data integration etc.  in simulation projects.
  • Next board meetings:
    The next Board meetings will be held during the I3M conference in Barcelona, Spain, September 2017 and during the conference Mathmod in Vienna, February 2018. The Executive board meeting is planned for the beginning of December 2016 in Vienna with some invited guests.