ASIM Publications

ASIM and the ASIM Sections are initiating, supporting and organizing a variety of information on modelling and simulation, partly also as publisher or co-publisher, in German and / or in English Language. In general, ASIM is following the strategy of Open Acess Publication for members (full publications) and for interested simulationists (basic publications): 

  • Proceedings of ASIM events or ASIM Section events
  • Proceedings of international conferences co-organized by ASIM, e.g. MATHMOD conference series
  • Books or reports on state-of-the-art topics of modelling and simulation, e.g. results from working groups of the ASIM sections
  • PhD Theses on modelling and simulation

Each ASIM publication gets the trademark ASIM-Mitteilung (ASIM Note), in order to keep track on the publications, independent on the publisher - resulting in up to now 160 ASIM Notes.

ASIM Books

ASIM co-operates with ARGESIM (TU Wien) in publication of two book series:

  • ASIM/ARGESIM book series Fortschrittsberichte Simulation - Advances in Simulation
  • ARGESIM Reports

In these series the Proceedings of ASIM conferences and workshops, and also PhD theses are published. ASIM Sections publish books on relevant topics in modelling and simulation also with publishers like Springer and Elsevier.

For detailed information see ASIM website

SNE - Simulation Notes Europe

ASIM is co-publishing SNE - Simulation Notes Europe (prev. Simulation News Europe). SNE is the official membership journal of EUROSIM, and changed from printed publication to electronic publication. ASIM especially initiates the compilation of SNE Special Issues, either on special subjects, or on special events.

Members of all EUROSIM societies have online access to full versions of SNE issues, of SNE articles with DOI, and of the  SNE Archives (with copies of previous edtions, e.g. Simulation News Europe):